What Happened to Steven from My 600 Lb Life?

Many fans of the TLC reality show My 600 Lb Life are wondering what happened to Steven Assanti. He was one of the most controversial characters on the show, and his story was truly heartbreaking. Here’s an update on what Steven is doing now.

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Steven’s story

Steven was born in Louisiana and his love affair with food began early. When he was just a child, his mother would often make him two sandwiches for lunch instead of one because she knew he was always so hungry. Steven’s weight gradually began to increase as he grew older and by the time he was in high school, he weighed 400 pounds. Steven’s size began to take a toll on his health and he was constantly tired and had trouble breathing. He decided to see a doctor and was shocked when they told him he weighed 600 pounds.

Steven knew he needed to make a change and so, with the support of his family, he decided to go on the My 600 Lb Life program. It was a tough journey but Steven managed to lose over 400 pounds. He went from being bedridden to being able to walk and even run! However, just a few months after leaving the program, Steven’s weight started to creep back up again. As of right now, it is unclear what happened to Steven but it is believed that he has regained most of the weight he lost.

Where is Steven now?

Steven Assanti was featured on Season 7 of My 600 Lb Life. He began the show weighing in at 634 lbs and, after undergoing gastric bypass surgery, managed to lose over 400 lbs. However, he eventually fell off the wagon and starting eating junk food again. As a result, he gained back over 100 lbs.

So, what happened to Steven? He reappeared on a later season of the show, but his exact current weight is unknown. He has said that he is still struggling with his addiction to food, but has managed to keep the weight off for the most part.

Steven’s weight-loss journey

Steven was featured on season 4 of My 600 Lb Life, where he weighed in at 642 lbs. When he first started his weight-loss journey, Steven was determined to change his life and get healthy for his son. He underwent gastric bypass surgery and was able to lose an incredible 400 lbs. However, Steven’s weight loss journey didn’t end there.

Since leaving the show, Steven has continued to lose weight and is now down to a healthy 200 lbs. He attributes his success to his hard work and dedication, as well as the support of his family and friends.Steven is now able to lead a normal, active life and enjoy all the things that he couldn’t do before. He is an inspiration to others who are looking to make a change in their lives.

Steven’s health update

Steven Assanti was one of the subjects in season 4 of My 600 Lb Life. He and his twin brother Justin were both severely obese, weighing in at over 600lbs each. Steven’s life was plagued by food addiction and he had to be carried out of his house by EMS in the first episode.

The show documented Steven’s weight loss journey as he tried to slim down to be eligible for surgery. He managed to lose over 200lbs but then his progress stalled. In the end, he had to leave the program without having the surgery.

So what happened to Steven after My 600 Lb Life? Update: Since appearing on the show, Steven has lost even more weight and now weighs around 400lbs. He continues to struggle with his food addiction but is determined to keep losing weight.

Steven’s new life

Steven Assanti from My 600 Lb Life underwent one of the most dramatic transformations on the show. After years of struggling with his weight, Steven finally decided to make a change and pursue gastric bypass surgery.

The surgery was successful, and Steven managed to lose over 400 pounds in just a few months. However, his weight loss journey was far from over. Steven struggled with addiction and mental health issues, which made it difficult for him to stick to his new healthy lifestyle.

Eventually, Steven got back on track and managed to lose even more weight. He now weighs around 200 pounds and is living a healthy and happy life.

Steven’s family and friends

Steven’s family and friends were extremely supportive during his weight-loss journey. His mother cooked healthier versions of his favorite meals, and his friends helped him stay motivated by going on walks and runs with him.

Steven’s message to others

Steven has been sharing his story and progress with his fans on social media, and recently posted a message to others struggling with their weight. He wrote: “If I can do this, anyone can. Just keep fighting and don’t give up on yourself.”

Steven’s future plans

Steven Assanti from My 600 Lb Life has been through a lot in his life. He’s struggled with addiction, mental health issues, and obesity. But he’s turned his life around and is now on a path to health and recovery.

So what’s next for Steven? He plans to continue working on his health and maintain his sobriety. He also wants to help others who are struggling with similar issues. He hopes to open up a treatment center for people with addiction and mental health problems.

Steven is an inspiration to us all, and we wish him the best in all of his future endeavors!

What others are saying about Steven

When we last saw Steven on My 600 Lb Life, he was struggling with his weight and his health. He was also dealing with a lot of personal issues, including a strained relationship with his family.

Now, it seems that Steven is doing better. He has lost weight and is working on getting healthy. His relationship with his family is also improving.

However, there are some people who are skeptical about Steven’s transformation. Some people think that he is not really committed to his weight loss journey and that he will eventually regain the weight.

Only time will tell if Steven is truly committed to his weight loss journey and if he can maintain his progress.

Updates on Steven

Steven Assanti from My 600 Lb Life first made headlines for his unhealthy eating habits. He was consuming up to 10,000 calories per day and weighed over 800 pounds at his heaviest. After appearing on the show and working with doctor Younan Nowzaradan, Steven was able to lose over 400 pounds.

However, Steven relapsed and started regaining weight. He claimed that he was unable to stick to his diet and exercise plan because he was bored. In 2018, Steven checked himself into a rehabilitation center in an effort to get sober and lose weight.

Since then, Steven has been keeping a low profile but it is believed that he is still in the rehabilitation center and working on his sobriety and weight loss goals.

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