What Happened To My Big Fat Fabulous Life?

reality TV star Whitney Thore shared an update on her blog about what’s been going on in her life lately, including her recent weight loss

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1.The show’s cancellation

In 2017, the show’s production company, TLC, announced that the show had been canceled after six seasons. The announcement came as a surprise to many fans, as the show was still averaging over 1 million viewers per episode.

It is believed that the show was canceled due to star Whitney Thore’s drastic weight loss. TLC is a network that is known for its focus on “real people” and “real life” stories, and it is believed that they felt Thore’s weight loss made her story less relatable to their core audience.

In the years since the show’s cancellation, Thore has continued to lose weight and has become an advocate for body positivity and health at every size. She currently runs a successful YouTube channel and podcast, both of which continue to document her life and journey.

Why the show was cancelled

The reality show “My Big Fat Fabulous Life” was cancelled after six seasons, much to the dismay of its dedicated fanbase. The show followed the life of plus-size model and social media influencer Whitney Thore, who became an internet sensation after a dance video of her went viral.

The cancellation came as a surprise to many, as the show was one of the few mainstream reality TV shows that featured a plus-sized lead. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Thore said she was “heartbroken” by the news but vowed to continue fighting for representation for larger bodies on television.

While it’s not clear exactly why the show was cancelled, it’s likely due to lower than expected ratings in its sixth season. The series will be replaced by a new reality show called “Dragnificent!” which follows four drag queens as they help people transform their look.

How fans are reacting

Since its premiere in 2015, TLC’s My Big Fat Fabulous Life has been one of the most talked-about reality TV shows. The series follows the life of Whitney Thore, a plus-size dancer and self-proclaimed “fat girl,” as she navigates her career, personal life and body image issues.

The show was praised for its honest portrayal of a plus-size woman living an active, joyful life. However, in recent months, fans have noticed that Whitney seems to have lost a significant amount of weight.

While some fans are supportive of Whitney’s new look, others are worried that she is sending the wrong message to her fans. Some worry that Whitney is succumbing to pressure to conform to society’s standards of beauty and that she is sending the message that being overweight is not acceptable.

Others believe that Whitney is simply living her life and making choices that are best for her health, regardless of whether or not they fit societal standards.

Whatever Whitney’s reasons for losing weight, it’s clear that she has inspired strong reactions from her fans.

What the cast is doing now

The cast of TLC’s My Big Fat Fabulous Life has moved on to new projects since the reality show came to an end in early 2017. Some of the cast members have continued to work in television, while others have pursued other interests.

Whitney Way Thore, the star of the show, has continued to advocate for body positivity and has written a book about her experiences. She has also started a new podcast called “Good For Her” with her friend and fellow body positive activist, Jessamyn Stanley.

Todd Kirkland, Whitney’s ex-boyfriend, has also started a podcast called “Two Past Seven.” He currently works as a real estate agent.

Since leaving the show, Melissa Roach has gone back to school to become a nurse. She is also working on starting her own health and wellness company.

Tal Fishman, who was featured on the show as Whitney’s friend and roommate, is now working as a social media manager and content creator. He also has his own YouTube channel called “TRYing.”

What happened to Whitney Thore

Whitney Thore’s reality show, My Big Fat Fabulous Life, has been a hit for several years. But fans are wondering what happened to Whitney Thore after the most recent season.

Where is Whitney Thore now

Whitney Thore is now a successful businesswoman, author, and reality television star. After overcoming many challenges in her personal life, she has found happiness and success. She currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina, with her husband and two children.

What is Whitney Thore doing now

Since the end of her TLC show, Whitney Thore has kept busy. In addition to writing her memoir, “I Do It With The Lights On,” she’s also been traveling the country giving talks about body positivity. She’s also been working on a new show called “Bigger” which will follow her and other plus-size women as they go about their lives.

What happened to the rest of the cast

The fate of the rest of the cast of My Big Fat Fabulous Life is largely unknown. Most of the main cast members, with the exception of Whitney Thore, have largely disappeared from social media and the public eye. It is unclear what they are up to or where they are currently living.

Where are the rest of the cast members now

The show Big Fat Fabulous Life followed the everyday life of Whitney Thore. After the show ended, people have been wondering what happened to the cast members.

Here’s an update on where some of the key cast members are now:

-Whitney Thore: She’s still living in North Carolina and running her dance studio.
-Buddy Bell: He’s still working as a sound engineer.
-Courtney Russell: She moved to Los Angeles to pursue acting and modeling.
-Tal Fishman: He started his own production company called RIZKNOWS.

What are the cast members doing now

Since its debut in 2015, TLC’s My Big Fat Fabulous Life has attracted a sizable audience with its depiction of Whitney Thore’s life as a plus-size dancer and model. The show has also been praised for its accurate portrayal of the challenges faced by plus-size women in a society that is often critical of their bodies.

But what are the cast members up to now?

Here’s a look at what happened to My Big Fat Fabulous Life.

Whitney Thore – Then
The star of the show, Whitney Thore, is a plus-size dancer and model who was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) in her early twenties. PCOS is a hormonal disorder that can cause weight gain, infertility, and other health problems.

Whitney Thore – Now
Whitney Thore is still dancing and modeling, and she recently launched a new fitness program called “A Plus Size Life”. She also runs a YouTube channel where she discusses body positivity and other plus-size issues. In 2017, she wrote a book called “I Do It with the Lights On”, which chronicles her journey to self-love.

Aaron Williams – Then
Aaron Williams was Whitney Thore’s best friend and roommate during the early seasons of the show. He was supportive of Whitney’s efforts to lose weight and get healthy, but he also had his own problems with addiction. He eventually entered rehab for substance abuse.

Aaron Williams – Now
Aaron Williams is still friends with Whitney Thore, but he no longer appears on the show. He works as an electrician in North Carolina. In 2018, he opened up about his struggles with addiction and mental health in an interview with People magazine.

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