Nicole From My 600 Lb Life: Where Is She Now?

Nicole Lewis-Morris was once one of the stars of TLC’s My 600 Lb Life. But where is she now? We did some digging and here’s what we found out.

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Nicole from My 600 Lb Life: Where is she now?

Nicole from My 600 Lb Life: Where is she now?

Nicole, from My 600 Pound Life, is one of the most inspiring people to ever be featured on the hit TLC reality show. After struggling with her weight for most of her life, Nicole finally decided to take control and make a change. After years of yo-yo dieting and weight gain, she finally turned to gastric bypass surgery and started on a new journey to health.

Now, years later, Nicole is healthier and happier than she ever thought possible. She’s managed to lose over 400 pounds and has maintained her weight loss for years. Nicole is an amazing example of what determination and hard work can do. If you’re ever feeling down or like you can’t do something, just remember Nicole’s story and be inspired!

Nicole’s Weight-Loss Journey

Nicole was featured on Season 5 of My 600 Lb Life, where she weighed in at 657 pounds. After gastric bypass surgery and years of dedication to her health, Nicole is now down to a healthy weight of 165 pounds.

Nicole’s New Life

Nicole from My 600 Lb Life is one of the most inspiring people you could ever hope to meet. After years of being trapped in her own body, she finally made the decision to change her life and get healthy.

Now, thanks to the expert care of Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, Nicole has lost an incredible amount of weight and is finally living the life she always wanted.

So what is Nicole up to now? Let’s take a look at her inspiring story.

When we first meet Nicole on My 600 Lb Life, she weighed a staggering 653 pounds. Her eating habits were out of control and she was barely able to move around. Even something as simple as taking a shower was a huge challenge for her.

Nicole knew that she needed to make a change if she ever wanted to live a normal life. With the support of her family, she decided to undergo gastric bypass surgery.

The surgery was a success and Nicole began her journey towards a healthier life. She started working out and eating better and slowly but surely the weight started to come off.

Nowadays, Nicole is barely recognizable from her former self. She’s lost an amazing 400 pounds and counting! She’s also gotten married and welcomed a beautiful baby girl into the world.

Nicole’s story is truly inspiri

Nicole’s Tips for Success

Nicole from My 600 lb Life is one of the most successful people to ever come out of the show. She managed to lose an incredible amount of weight and keep it off, and she’s now sharing her tips for success with the world.

If you’re looking to lose weight, Nicole recommends starting with small changes. She says that it’s important to focus on making healthy choices, rather than just cutting out all the junk food. For example, she suggests swapping sugary drinks for water or green tea.

Nicole also says that meal prep is essential for weight loss success. Planning ahead means that you’re less likely to make unhealthy choices when you’re feeling hungry. And, she adds, it’s important to have realistic expectations when it comes to weight loss. Remember that losing even a few pounds can make a big difference to your health.

Nicole’s Favorite Recipes

Nicole from My 600 lb Life is now a mother and television personality who has taken the world by storm. But, her journey to this point was not easy. Nicole was once overweight and unhealthy, weighing in at over 600lbs. However, she turned her life around and managed to lose an incredible amount of weight. She has since become an inspiration to many people who are struggling with their own weight issues.

Nowadays, Nicole enjoys trying out new recipes and cooking for her family. She is always on the lookout for healthy and delicious meals that everyone will enjoy. Here are some of Nicole’s favorite recipes that you can try at home:

-Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Bacon and Parmesan
-Skinny Chicken Alfredo
-Zucchini Noodles with Tomato Basil Sauce
-Cauliflower Rice Pilaf
-Strawberry Shortcake Smoothie

Nicole’s Favorite Workouts

Nicole has been documenting her journey on social media, sharing her workouts, meal preps, and results with her many fans. She often includes workout videos and photos of herself working out with her trainer. Nicole has said that she loves working out and feeling strong, and that it’s one of her favorite things to do.

Nicole’s Motivation

Nicole was one of the most memorable participants on My 600 Lb Life. She began the show at 653 lbs, making her one of the heaviest people to ever be featured on the show. Though her story was complicated by an addiction to eating, Nicole showed a lot of strength and determination over the course of her weight-loss journey. By the end of the show, she had lost an incredible 443 lbs, putting her below 200 lbs for the first time in years.

Nicole’s motivation for losing weight was twofold. First and foremost, she wanted to be healthy enough to have children. Secondly, she wanted to be able to move around and live a normal life. After years of being confined to a bed or a chair, Nicole was determined to regain her mobility and live an active life.

Thankfully, it seems like Nicole has been successful in both of her endeavors. Since leaving the show, she has given birth to two healthy children. She has also managed to keep the majority of the weight off, although she has fluctuated some over the years.

Nicole’s Inspiration

Nicole, from My 600 Lb Life, is an inspiration to many. After years of being overweight, she finally decided to make a change in her life. Nicole gastric sleeve surgery and changed her lifestyle. She lost an amazing 400 lbs, with the help of Dr. Nowzaradan. Nicole is now living a happy and healthy life with her two daughters.

Nicole’s Story

Nicole weighed over 600 pounds when she made the decision to change her life and seek help from Dr. Now. Nicole’s story is one of incredible determination and self-love. After years of yo-yo dieting and battling with her weight, Nicole finally found the help she needed to lose over 400 pounds.

Nicole’s weight loss journey hasn’t been easy, but she has managed to maintain her health and lose weight steadily over the past few years. Nicole is now down to a healthy weight and is working on rebuilding her life. She is an inspiration to all who are struggling with their weight and fighting for their lives.

Nicole’s Advice

Nicole Pony, who appeared on season 2 of My 600 Lb Life, has some advice for anyone considering gastric bypass surgery. First and foremost, she says, it’s important to be at your heaviest weight possible before having the surgery. “The heavier you are, the more weight you will lose post-op,” she told The Ashley’s Reality Roundup. “I wish I had waited a little longer to have surgery.”

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