Amber From ‘My 600 Lb Life’: Where Are They Now

Amber was one of the stars of TLC’s “My 600 Lb Life” who managed to lose an incredible amount of weight. But what has she been up to since the show ended?

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Amber Rachidi was one of the stars in the TLC reality show “My 600 Lb Life.” The show documents the struggles and triumphs of people who are trying to lose half their body weight or more.

Amber Rachidi weighed 657 pounds when she first appeared on the show. She managed to lose over 200 pounds with the help of gastric bypass surgery.

Since appearing on the show, Amber has been very open about her struggles with her weight. She has been blogging about her journey and sharing her story with others.

Amber is now down to 350 pounds and is working hard to lose even more weight. She is determined to reach her goal weight of 200 pounds.

You can follow Amber’s journey on her blog, “Amber’s Journey to Independence.”

What Happened to Amber From ‘My 600 Lb Life’?

Amber Rachdi from My 600 Lb Life is one of the most memorable cast members in the show’s history. She began the series weighing in at 643 pounds and, at her lowest, got down to 177 pounds. After several years of ups and downs, she’s now around 350 pounds and maintaining her weight loss. Here’s what you need to know about Amber Rachdi today.

Amber Rachdi was first featured on My 600 Lb Life in 2016. The then-26-year-old had been struggling with her weight for most of her life. When she was just a child, Amber would sneak food because she knew her parents were restricting her diet. This led to years of yo-yo dieting and extreme binge eating.

At her heaviest, Amber weighed 643 pounds. She was bedridden and could not do anything for herself. She was unable to take care of her basic needs and was significantly impacting her health. Her doctors told her that she was at risk for numerous health complications, including diabetes, heart disease, and respiratory problems.

Amber knew that she needed to make a change if she wanted to live a long and healthy life. She decided to undergo gastric bypass surgery and started working with Dr. Nowzaradan, who is featured on My 600 Lb Life. After months of hard work, Amber managed to lose over 400 pounds.

Unfortunately, Amber struggled to maintain her weight loss after leaving the show. In 2018, she revealed that she had gained back over 100 pounds. However, she has since lost weight again and is now maintaining a healthy weight of around 350 pounds.

So what is Amber Rachdi up to today? She recently launched a YouTube channel where she discusses various topics related to mental health and body positivity. She also has an online store where she sells t-shirts with empowering messages for plus-size women.”

Where is Amber Now?

Since appearing on My 600 Lb Life, Amber Rachdi has slimmed down to a healthy weight and is living her best life.

Amber Rachdi was featured on Season 7 of My 600 Lb Life. She weighed 650 pounds at the beginning of the show, and by the end, she had lost over 400 pounds.

Since then, Amber has kept the weight off and is living a happy and healthy life. She regularly posts updates on social media, sharing photos and details of her weight loss journey with her followers.

Amber is an inspiration to many, and she is proof that it is possible to lose a significant amount of weight and keep it off for good. If you are struggling with your weight, remember that there is hope, and Amber is living proof of that.

What is Amber Doing Now?

Amber Rachdi was one of the stars of the hit TLC show “My 600-lb Life.” The show followed her journey as she attempted to lose weight and improve her health.

Since appearing on the show, Amber has continued to lose weight and is now down to under 400 lbs. She has become an inspirational figure for many people who are struggling with their weight. Amber is now working on a book about her experiences. She is also a motivational speaker and gives talks about her journey to people all over the country.

How is Amber’s Health Now?

When viewers last saw Amber on My 600 Lb Life, she was struggling to follow Dr. Now’s orders. She had trouble sticking to her restrictive diet and frequently missed appointments. As a result, Dr. Now was forced to stop working with her.

So, how is Amber’s health now? Unfortunately, there hasn’t been an update on her condition since the show aired. However, given her struggles on the show, it’s safe to assume that she has not been able to make a full recovery.

What Has Amber Been Up to Since ‘My 600 Lb Life’?

Amber Rachdi was one of the participants on the TLC series “My 600 Lb Life,” which documents the journeys of people who are struggling with obesity. The show followed Amber as she worked to lose weight and improve her health.

Since appearing on the show, Amber has continued to work on her health and fitness. She has Use this opening paragraph to give a brief overview of what the article will be about.loss over 200 lbs, and she now leads a healthy and active lifestyle.

Amber has also been working to help others who are struggling with obesity. She is a vocal advocate for body positivity, and she encourages people of all sizes to lead healthy and happy lives.

What is Amber’s Current Weight?

Last we saw on the reality TV show My 600lb Life, Amber Rachdi had lost an incredible amount of weight. She went from being almost 700lbs to 400lbs, and she was so proud of her accomplishments. However, fans are wondering what her current weight is now.

Amber Rachdi had gastric sleeve surgery in 2016 and she has been working hard ever since to make sure that she keeps the weight off. She’s currently down to 300lbs, but she’s not done yet! She’s determined to get down to her goal weight of 200lbs and she knows that she can do it with hard work and determination.

How Does Amber Feel Now?

Amber was one of the most successful patients on TLC’s “My 600-lb Life.” Losing over 400 pounds, she managed to keep the weight off and now looks incredible. Amber has been sharing her journey with fans on social media, and recently gave an update on how she’s feeling.

“I’m doing really good,” Amber said. “I’m just enjoying life.”

Amber is now able to do things that she never thought were possible, like travel and go out in public without feeling self-conscious. She credits the show for helping her to turn her life around.

“My 600-lb Life” provides an intimate look at the struggles and successes of people who are struggling with obesity. The show follows them as they try to lose weight with the help of bariatric surgery and dietitians.

What is Amber’s Story?

Amber, from My 600 Lb Life, is one of the most memorable participants on the show. She started out at 605 lbs and managed to lose an incredible amount of weight, eventually getting down to under 200 lbs. Amber’s story is one of determination and hope, as she fought hard to turn her life around.

So what happened to Amber after the show? Where is she now?

Well, according to various interviews and social media posts, it seems that Amber has been doing very well for herself. She has kept up with her healthy lifestyle and looks amazing. She has also started her own YouTube channel where she document’s her post-show journey.

Overall, it seems like Amber is doing great and is an inspiration to others who are struggling with their weight. We hope she continues to do well and we wish her all the best in the future!


Amber Rachdi from Season 7 of My 600 Lb Life is one of the most memorable cast members in the history of the show. Part of that is due to her successful weight loss journey, which saw her go from 642 lbs to 190 lbs. But there’s also the fact that she’s one of the rare people on the show who hasn’t relapsed and regained any significant amount of weight. So what’s she up to now?

Amber Rachdi currently resides in Oregon with her fiancé, Dillon. The two run a food truck business together called “Pork Nation.” Dillon also helps Amber with her online weight loss coaching business. In addition to that, Amber also has a YouTube channel called “Amber Rachdi: My 600-Lb Life & Beyond” where she documents her life post-weight loss.

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